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Knowledge and independence are the hallmarks of my existence. I have a strong restlessness and yearning for anything I have yet to experience, and I often live in my dreams and visions for the future.
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We’re almost home at last! EDC VEGAS!!

(via ravenation)

Preview :) Between Chibimoon or HK theme for EDC day 2 :)

I love art nights with babe :) I’m drawing EDC banner/logo.

EDC 3 Day Tickets? Check.
Shuttle Bus Pass? Check.
Flight? Check.
MGM Signature Suite? Check.

_make more kandii

What am I forgetting ? My EDM FAMILY! Where you at?!

Accidentally deleted it :( LOL, so clumsy.

Can’t wait for DASH BERLIN at the end of the month & EDC LAS VEGAS! Trade?

…in 3 months (^▽^)

asdfghjkl; i’m gonna squeeze my way to the front this time !

Looking at all these posts of EDC isn’t helping!!!
I’m too effen stoked. X_X!

Who wants to trade KANDII!?

*crosses fingers* electricdaisycarnival.com please be kind and don’t crash on mee.