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Knowledge and independence are the hallmarks of my existence. I have a strong restlessness and yearning for anything I have yet to experience, and I often live in my dreams and visions for the future.
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I’m sorry, baby. You were the sun and moon to me. I’ll never get over you, you’ll never get over me.. πŸ’•β˜€πŸŒ™ #aboveandbeyond #sun #moon #celestial #edc #edcchicago #insomniac #gold #silver #anjuna #abgt #trancefamily

I’ll never get over you…


Remember! Tickets for EDC Las Vegas 2013 go on sale January 9 at noon PT!

More info here.

T minus 9 days. NUFF SAID!!


#Kandii for a sweet girl! #EDC Las Vegas, here we come! #plur

We’re almost home at last! EDC VEGAS!!

(via ravenation)

Preview :) Between Chibimoon or HK theme for EDC day 2 :)

I love art nights with babe :) I’m drawing EDC banner/logo.

EDC 3 Day Tickets? Check.
Shuttle Bus Pass? Check.
Flight? Check.
MGM Signature Suite? Check.

_make more kandii

What am I forgetting ? My EDM FAMILY! Where you at?!